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Personalised number plates from £700.00

Steve Whitaker 2nd August 2016
by Steve Whitaker
Kahn Design offers a wide range of personalised number plates with prices starting from as little as £700.00.

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Allow Kahn Design to bestow upon you a number plate befitting of someone who has been awarded the prefix of ‘Sir’ by the Queen.

From actors to politicians, businessmen and sportsmen who have been recognised and thus bestowed with the prefix of “Sir”, we have the perfect number plate for you.

As your chauffeur drives you around the capital, members of the public will take to social media to find out who the mystery ‘Sir’ is.

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THE 515Y

Nowadays, you can spend a couple of hundred to over a million pounds on a number plate.

The fact of the matter however is that there is something for everyone.

As well as adding a unique touch to your vehicle, and preventing its age from being quite so obvious, many personalised number plates can also be seen as an investment, with the potential to increase in value over time.

THE 515Y is just one of the many nostalgic registrations from our current collection that is available for a special price.

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Whenever you are behind the wheel of your Project Kahn Range Rover, you are viewed, by many, as a stylish and unique individual.

If you are looking for the ideal registration to go with your Range Rover, T44 PES is for you!

Is there a better registration for your Range Rover?

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N33 WWS 

Driving around with this N33 WWS registration attached to your vehicle will single you out as a Journalist of the highest calibre.

Exuding potential and personality, this number plate will be on the wish list of every journalist worth his or her salt.

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