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Project Kahn Quad Crosshair Tailpipe Exhaust In Chrome

Steve Whitaker 2nd August 2016
by Steve Whitaker
To some, perfection is the pure sound of the Project Kahn quad crosshair tailpipe exhaust system.

Suitable for standard Range Rover and Kahn RS (Range Rover) models, the aforementioned upgrade is available for standard 2013 vehicles (onwards complete with petrol engines only).

This product is available for those who wish to drive with an air of serene detachment: the individual behind the wheel is deemed to be the conductor whilst the Quad Crosshair tailpipe exhaust system is what can only be described as an accompanying symphony of automotive excellence.

A plethora of exclusive options are also available, providing you with the opportunity to personalise and enhance the look of your vehicle.

Should you wish to speak with one of our sales representatives, please call: 01274 749 999 or e-mail Kahn@kahndesign.com

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