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Chelsea Truck Company Black Hawk Edition

Steve Whitaker 26th July 2016
by Steve Whitaker
Explore the iconic 4X4 Black Hawk Edition. Learn more about the Chelsea Truck Company’s cars, offers and all our latest Jeep model specifications.

Officially unveiled at the 2016 Geneva International Motor Show, the Chelsea Truck Company Jeep Wrangler Black Hawk Edition would not look out of place in a Marvel action hero movie.


We are talking about one of the most revered Jeep Wrangler models on the planet.

Look straight ahead and you will be able to cast your eyes on the aggressive wide wheel arches and a slender four slot front grille sitting between Shadow Chrome headlights.

Comparable to the Chelsea Truck Company’s acclaimed Land Rover Defender package, we are talking about a vehicle like no other, something that makes the standard Jeep Wrangler look rather demure.


The Black Hawk Edition is one of those vehicles that you would love to be seen driving around in.

Think about it, “7.5 x 17” Chelsea Truck Company wheels coupled with all terrain tyres and painted brake calipers?

Do you catch our drift?

In addition, should you go for a 3.6 litre engine – this should ensure you will develop 280bhp and 256lb ft for a more refined and higher performing drive.

Furthermore, a 2.8 engine will move at 0-62 mph in 10.6 seconds with a top speed of 107mph.


This is where the fun begins, we are talking about a plush leather interior, the sort that you have never casted you eyes on before.

The front and rear seats are available with soft quilted and perforated honeycomb leather with contrasting top stitching. The same design is also fitted to the centre glove box and arm rests.

Customers can request a free consultation with our team of designers who can bring you vision of a truly individual interior to life.

Please e-mail: kahn@kahndesign.com for more information or click the here

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