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The Ultimate Fashion Statement

Steve Whitaker 20th July 2016
by Steve Whitaker
Project Kahn Range Rovers are more than just objects of desire.

Driving your dream Project Kahn vehicle is not only the ultimate fashion statement, it is an exceedingly astute investment, bearing in mind, the value of customised vehicles with the Afzal Kahn signature is only increasing.

The automotive valuation experts at CAP, undertake the independent valuation of Project Kahn and Chelsea Truck Company vehicles every quarter, and they have found, vehicles with custom aftermarket upgrades from Project Kahn and The Chelsea Truck Company perform much better than the industry average.

The Project Kahn Range Rover Black Label, LE, Sport LE, RS , RS650 and Evoque LE and Black Label editions showcase a significant uplift in value when compared to the standard models.

“The results reflect the dedication of the company to improve not just the overall styling of vehicles, but to add value and quality to them as well, making them a safe investment,” said Afzal Kahn, Founder and Chief Designer of the Kahn Group.

To view the figures in their entirety, please click below:

Project Kahn

Range Rover Evoque Black Label CAP Black Book Value +10%
Range Rover Evoque LE CAP Black Book Value +22%
Range Rover Sport LE CAP Black Book Value +16.5%
Range Rover LE CAP Black Book Value +14%
Range Rover RS CAP Black Book Value +14%
Range Rover RS650 CAP Black Book Value +18%

Chelsea Truck Company

Jeep Wrangler CJ CAP Black Book Value +12%
Jeep Wrangler Black Hawk CAP Black Book Value +35%
Land Rover Defender 90 CAP Black Book Value +17%
Land Rover Defender 110 CAP Black Book Value +20%

To view our current stock list, please visit: www.kahnautomobiles.com

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