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Kahn Automobiles
Kahn Automobiles is a discriminating purveyor of the world's most accomplished supercars and bespoke vehicles. The products of the best and most prestigious automotive manufacturers form the basis of our personalisation programmes which strive to create the perfect integration of luxury, style and performance.

In the same way that the cloth of a Savile Row suit is cut to the precise requirements of the client, so the Kahn Automobiles customer creates his or her definition of perfection, which is then turned into reality by our highly skilled designers and engineers.

In addition to our core business, we are increasingly being asked to cater for a desire to be seen in sophisticated and stylish classic vehicles. We use the same skill and expertise in sourcing fine examples of some of the greatest and most sought after historical and classic vehicles as we do with our supercars and bespoke collection.

Kahn Automobiles have prestige showrooms in Leeds, Chelsea and Bradford.